Apple Discontinues MacBooks for Consumers

I guess it’s no surprise. Several websites were reporting that Apple was going to discontinue the MacBook, and Apple has now removed the 13-inch Intel Core 2 Duo powered laptop from it’s main website as of yesterday, July 20, 2011. This was the last of … Read more

Adobe Working on a MacBook Air-Specific Version of Flash

This is an interesting development. It appears that Adobe is working on a version of Flash that is optimized for Apple’s 13.3-inch and 11.6-inch MacBook Air series. Adobe’s Flash platform had been left out of Apple’s new MacBook Air line that was launched a few … Read more

Apple’s Back to the Mac Event – October 20, 2010

Today is potentially a big day for ultraportable fans who are looking for something smaller than the 13″ MacBook Air from Apple. No, it’s not going to be a netbook. Steve Jobs considers the iPad to fill in that niche in the Apple ecosystem. It’s … Read more