MacBook Air & Wireless Issues

Over on GearDiary, Judie Lipsett has posted an article concerning wireless issues she had when restoring a MacBook Pro backup from Apple’s Time Capsule to a new MacBook Air. The issue she was running into was that she was seeing an empty wireless cone in … Read more

MacBook Air Review (NotebookReview)

A user over at Notebook (queshy) posted their review of the 13.3-inch ultralight Apple MacBook Air. The review discusses compromises made to shrink the size down to fit in such a small laptop form factor (as in thin), as well as their reasons for … Read more

MacBook Air – Still Overheating?

Engadget is running a little poll about whether or not Apple MacBook Air owners are still overheating. Keep in mind it’s a very unscientific poll, but it does reveal a couple of interesting things. First, the majority of people taking the poll are not MacBook … Read more

ThinkPad X300 Parody of MacBook Air

There is a video making the rounds that is poking fun at the Apple MacBook Air. No word on who created it. It’s comparing the MacBook Air to the Lenovo ThinkPad X300. It was uploaded to YouTube earlier today, and you can view it here … Read more

MacBook Air SSDs: 256GB STEC SSDs?

Barron’s Tech Trader Daily is reporting that Apple has awarded a contract to STEC to replace Samsung as the primary supplier of flash memory-based Solid State Drives (SSDs) for the 13.3-inch Apple MacBook Air. This is very interesting in light of STEC being one of … Read more