MacBook Air and 128GB SSD: Performance/Battery Life

Anandtech has measured the performance and battery life of the Apple MacBook Air, when a 128GB Solid State Drive (SSD) is installed. Now you are saying “the MacBook Air only has a maximum size of 64GB when talking about SSDs” and normally you would be … Read more

Charlie Rose Loves His MacBook Air. A Lot.

See that battered face to the right? That’s Charlie Rose. Charlie Rose is a journalist, correspondent, and hosts the Charlie Rose show on PBS, an interview-style show. I would say he is very well known. It turns out, he happens to really like his MacBook … Read more

Future of MacBook Air Ports, Expansion

MacNN is reporting about several patents that Apple filed for through the US Patent and Trademark Office. The patent applications were published yesterday (February 28, 2008) by the USPTO. The patents indicate what might have been for the MacBook Air, or possibly what will come … Read more

MacBook Air Roundup (Feb 22)

A few MacBook Air articles that are interesting, from a critical point of view: Akihabara News points us to an article that’s part of a series on Tech-On!, MacBook Air Teardown: ‘No Waste Outside, Nothing but Waste Inside that looks at what happens when you … Read more

PC World: MacBook Air Alternatives

PC World is running an interesting article, comparing three other ultraportables (one Toshiba, two Fujitsus) to the Apple MacBook Air with different display sizes (12.1″ widescreen and 10.6″ widescreens). Unfortunately there hasn’t been a chance to test and review the Lenovo ThinkPad X300, which is … Read more