Hands On Review of the Toshiba M400 (Pringle.net.nz)

Toshiba M400
Craig Pringle has posted a hands on review on his blog, of the Toshiba Portege M400 Tablet PC, one of the ultraportable “convertibles” – having both Tablet PC functionality as well as a physical keyboard. The M400 is one of the first ultraportablte notebooks to have Intel’s new CPU, the Core Duo. It has a 12.1″ display, normally XGA, but apparently there is a BTO option of a widescreen display.

Of note to M200 users, Craig mentions For anyone who has seen the old M200 – the screen on the M400 is in a whole different league. The brightness and the viewing angle are both excellent. Overall the clarity of the screen is crystalline…..very importantly – Toshiba clearly listened to it’s customers when they griped about the brightness and viewing angle on the M200 because the m is well and truly gone on the M400.

Overall, he was impressed. Full Review

Note: He also included information in other articles that maybe of interest to potential buyers:
Recovery Options for the Toshiba M400
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