ASUS U36JC Hands on (NetbookNews) was able to get their hands on an 13.3-inch ASUS U36JC at the ASUS’ press conference yesterday. The U36Jc is very interesting – it’s fairly lightweight for the size, and is packing an Intel Core i5-460M (2.53GHz, dual-core). The graphics are powered by an … Read more

ASUS U3 Available in US

ASUSTeK has announced that the ASUS U3 will be available in the US. The ASUS U3 is ASUS’ latest offering in the 13.3″ widescreen sub-four pound laptop category and is based on Intel’s Santa Rosa technology. The U3 is one of the few laptops in … Read more

TrustedReviews Hands-On with Asus U3

TrustedReviews has posted a Hands-On look of the new Asus U3. While it’s bigger than most ultraportables, it’s what some would call a “thin and light laptop”, since, even with the 13.3″ widescreen display, it still manages to weigh in at under 3.9 pounds. The … Read more

Details of ASUS U3 Officially Released

ASUSTeK has finally announced the ASUS U3, a lightweight laptop with a 13.3″ widescreen, LED backlit display. The ASUS U3 is based on Intel’s Santa Rosa platform and is powered by Intel Core 2 Duo T7x00 or Core 2 Duo T5x50 CPUs with a Celeron … Read more

Announced: ASUS U3

Information and pictures about the ASUS U3 came out this past friday, posted on It’s expected to launch in September of this year, and it’s specifications are very similar to the 11″ ASUS U1F / U1 series as well as the 13.3″ Dell XPS … Read more