Dell’s Future Plans for its Inspiron Mini 10 and 11 has gotten their hands on what could be the roadmap for Dell’s future plans in regards to the 10-inch Dell Inspiron Mini 10 netbook/ultraportable, as well as a new offering that will be slightly bigger and some changes to the Mini 10 and Inspiron … Read more

11.6-inch Acer Aspire One This Year?

We’ll treat it as a rumor for now, but macles* has had good information in the past. As macles* points out, up until now, most “new” Acer Aspire Ones were just a slightly larger version of the original 8.9″ AAO, including the 10.1″ Acer Aspire … Read more

MSI Wind U110 ECO Announced

MSI has announced a refresh or addition to the MSI Wind U110 line, calling it the MSI Wind U110 ECO. It’s based on the Intel Menlow Platform, powered by an Intel Atom CPU. MSI is claiming up to 9 hours of battery life, saying that … Read more

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 – More Information?

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Engadget has a link to a slide from what looks to be presentation about the upcoming 10″ Dell Inspiron Mini 10. We’ve already had a false start or two about the Mini 10. While it was announced and discussed at CES last month, very little is known. The slide has quite a bit of information.

Their target customers are (and I quote):
– Youth social networking/entertainment
– Vacation/coffee shop companion

The primary usage they see from the Mini 10 (again, I’m quoting):
– Mobile web & communication
– Video entertainment
– Social networking

Display: 10.1″ 16:9 (1024×576) or 1366×768 (close to 720p)
CPU: Z520 1.3GHz, Z530 1.6GHz Intel Atom Silverthorn
Weight: 2.2 pounds
Battery: 3-cell (3-4 hours) or 6-cell (6-8 hours)
OS: Linux (Probably Ubuntu) or Windows XP Home
Colors: black, white, red, pink, blue, green, “Picasso”
HDD: 2.5″ 120GB or 160GB – (unsure if SATA or IDE)
RAM: 1GB or 2GB DDR2
I/O: 3x USB 2.0, 2 headphones(?), HDMI
Wireless: 802.11g/n + WWAN options
Internal Options: GPS, TV Tuner
– Multi-touch Touchpad

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MSI Wind U110, U115, Paulsbo Chipsets

MSI Wind U120 Hot on the heels of the recently announced 10.2″ Intel Atom-powered MSI Wind U120 and U120H netbooks comes news of more models in the MSI Wind lineup.

The models announced at the MSI press conference in France are the U110, U115, as well as the previously mentioned U120H.

The additions to their Wind netbooks include the following:
– Integrated 3G in certain models (U120H)
– Hybrid hard drives for some models (using both mechanical and flash-based storage)
– A move to Intel’s Paulsbo platform (Intel SCH US15W)
– 6-cell batteries look to become standard
– 250GB HDD options added
– Easyface software (facial recognition)

The move to Paulsbo increases the video capabilities (decoding, etc.), while dropping the power requirements (and adding to the battery life).

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