MacBook Air Roundup (Feb 22)

Apple MacBook Air A few MacBook Air articles that are interesting, from a critical point of view:

Akihabara News points us to an article that’s part of a series on Tech-On!, MacBook Air Teardown: ‘No Waste Outside, Nothing but Waste Inside that looks at what happens when you take a group of engineers from several Japanese PC manufacturing companies and have them tear down a MacBook Air: “Can we say that the MacBook Air has a perfect, sophisticated external appearance, but its insides are full of waste?”

Crave is running a MacBook Air alternatives article, with the following being possible MacBook Air alternatives if you need to spend less or need a few more features or aren’t too concerned about going with Mac OS X:
Sony Vaio TZ150
Panasonic Toughbook W7
Asus U6S
Toshiba R500

Last week, PC World listed their alternatives. I’ll list mine this weekend.

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