Apple’s 30th B-Day and New MacBook Rumors

WHERE’S THE RUMORS? Sorry for shouting, it’s just very peculiar that all of the normal Apple/Mac rumor sites have been quiet about a new series of Apple ultraportables. There’s been a few events come and go over the past few months with plenty of rumors whirling around those, whether it’s patent applications or 13.3-inch widescreen iBooks (well MacBooks I guess) or 11.1-inch MacBook mini’s or MacTablets or whatever.

Security in a Mobile World

There’ s a good article at about security for mobile users – it looks at physical and network security, as well as what are the major threats (not just laptop theft). Well-written, and covers what they consider to be five major areas that mobile users need to be aware of: physical security, application/data security, network security, physical device theft, and wireless security.

Article/Review: How Small is too Small for a Laptop?

How small is too small? is running an article from the Associated Press that attempts to address that very question. The article takes a fairly comprehensive look at the Flybook V3 and Fujitsu LifeBook P1510D /P1500. Both are “convertible” laptops – they have the ability to convert to a Tablet with some, if not all, of the Tablet PC functionality, and both have 8.9 inch displays.

Lenovo Advertising ThinkPad X60 on TV

I was watching the Olympics last night, and among the commercials, a commercial from Lenovo touting the new ThinkPad X60. The X60 is one of the first ultraportables shipping with an Intel Core Duo CPU, and while its 12.1-inch display still isn’t widescreen, it’s one of the newest ultraportables to consider looking at if you are in the market for one.

I found it very interesting that they have specific commercials for the X60, but then again I’m like that.